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V-isability: A school year with visually impaired students in Athens

Coordinating Organization: Break the Borders

In Athens, Greece 
From 01/09/2018 to 31/07/2019 
Application deadline: 01/07/2018

project description

V-isability is a volunteer project designed to reinforce the educational goals and functions of the Center for Education and Rehabilitation for the Blind, in Athens, Greece. C.E.R.B., the only public body in the country active in the field of visual impairment, offers the opportunity to 4 young people to join voluntarily its daily schedule from 01/09/2018 to 31/07/2019 and develop skills and techniques for the support and education of visually impaired people. During their service, the participants will learn Greek, which will help them communicate better with the students of C.E.R.B.
Our goal is through the intercultural learning and everyday contact to actively promote the values of social inclusion, non-discrimination and tolerance as fundamental parts of the European citizenship. The young people hosted in the project will have the chance to experience and understand the methodologies of informal and non-formal education and contribute with ideas and initiatives of their own to the activities of the Center. Amongst the basic ones are: escort of the students, support in their lessons, creating and running a weekly educational project for them, Braille lessons, free time with the students of the Center and its Boarding House, etc.

accommodation, food and transport arrangements

The hosting organization is offering a house for the volunteers with all the necessary equipment that should make their stay safe and comfortable. Located in a central point in the city and close to the Center, it will allow them to move easily around using the public transport and be in everyday contact with the local community. Lunch and dinner will be provided by the Center and the Coordinating organization will take care of their breakfast and their meals during the days CERB is closed for vacations (e.g. Christmas time, etc.).

training during the project

Before the start of the school year, Break the Borders will provide a four-day workshop that will prepare the volunteers for their service in the CERB. The workshop will be based on non-formal methodologies with the use of experiential learning techniques. Apart from that, the Center will provide all the necessary training in order to ensure that they better integrate in its activities. The CERB will also provide a special certificate for their participation in the project and the acquirement of certain skills (such as Braille, participation in mobility-orientation workshops, etc.) A Youthpass Certificate will also be provided in the end of their EVS.

volunteer profile

We are looking for undergraduates and graduates alike, offering volunteer positions that can match their abilities. This is why we are looking for young people 18-30 years old having the following work-related skills and characteristics:
• Good knowledge of the English language.
• High-school graduates.
• Able to work in a team – willing to work with young people and children from different social backgrounds.
• Enthusiastic, active, flexible and undertaking initiatives and responsibilities.
• Organizational skills and problem solving
• Persons with respect towards the non-discrimination and mutual respect principles.
• Holders of an academic degree in Social Sciences or Psychology as well as artistic or technical skills that they could use during their service
• Knowledge of Greek will be considered an advantage.

The above are necessary due to the nature of the EVS project and the sensitivity of the issues that need to be addressed.
It is important to note that the participants will be there as volunteers and will not substitute the social workers, teachers or other staff. However, some of the qualifications listed above would be highly advantageous, both for the volunteers as well as for the children of the Center.

*how to apply*

If you are interested in, please send us your Europass CV with a motivation letter in which you briefly explain why you want to participate in this EVS project, here:
Please write on the subject “V-isability”

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