10 Women’s Features That Men Love!

Details of Men Finding Attractive in Women

If you think men find beauty attractive only in women, you are definitely wrong. Men in women Details he finds attractive you will be very surprised when you find out. Here are the things that men like to see in women;

1. Messy Hair

If you spend hours or tens of dollars on the hairdresser, you still know. But men like messy hair. The most natural form of hair is wavy and a little messy, and men like it. Keep in mind that men are natural.

2. The Woman Eating


Women on a diet are not something men like at all. Women who are not afraid to eat a healthy appetite and the food that come to them are a symbol of self-confidence in women for men. Being confident and fearless is one of the fastest ways to gain man’s confidence. Okay, just because we said that, it would be beneficial for you not to be gluttonous at the first meeting and scare the other person 🙂

3. Showing Your Love


We are not saying jump on his lap inside everyone else outside. But even the little things like holding his hand while walking, hugging anywhere, or getting on his arm while going to the movies together make him feel closer and proud to be with him.

4. Sending the First Message


Men like to receive attention at least as much as women. Don’t expect him to kick the first message. We are not always saying you throw it. However, when you write and send a few emotional sentences, it will make him feel very happy and valuable. Also, sending him a message will make him happy and start a nice conversation.

5. A Face Without Makeup


Many men like natural women. Most of the women like the way they are without makeup. According to some men, wearing lipstick is one of the factors that misses the taste while kissing. Remember! Sometimes makeup can be an obstacle to beautiful things.

6.Long Skirts

to women

The woman wearing the long skirt is one click away from the woman wearing the mini skirt. Because the women wearing long skirts draw the image of hiding a secret in men. It is one of the factors that affect the imagination of men.

7.A Light Belly


The belief that women with abdominal muscles or adonis are attractive in recent years does not apply to men. Surprisingly, men are very fond of the slightly protruding belly, not the belly. Marilyn Monroe “A bellyless woman is like a house without a balcony“We think Marilyn knew something.

8. Barefoot


Many men find their bare feet quite sexy. But on the other hand, many men do not even see women’s feet until they get married.



Men also agree on this. Women who wear glasses for men are more noticeable than those who do not. Women with glasses paint an image that is more curious, sexy and able to stand on their own feet.

10. The woman who jokes


If a woman does not have the ability to laugh, she cannot gain a place in a man’s heart. A sense of humor is a great way to relieve stress and helps the man bond.

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