5 suggestions against migraine attacks

Migraine attacks that increase with factors such as stress, work intensity and unhealthy nutrition can make life more difficult in summer heat.

Migraine, which usually appears on one side of the head, accompanied by complaints such as throbbing, sensitivity to light, sound and smell, increases even more in hot weather. Migraine

In order for their patients to spend the summer comfortably, they need to take some precautions. Memorial Ankara Hospital, Department of Neurology, Assoc. Dr. Funda Uysal Tan gave information about what should be considered to control migraine.

Migraine is more common in women

The prevalence of migraine in the community is around 10-15 percent. Complaints such as migraine, sometimes nausea, vomiting, excessive sensitivity to light and sound, which often occur as attacks, often hold one side of the head and cause throbbing, may accompany. Migraine, a genetic transition disorder, is more common in women due to hormonal causes. Although the formation mechanism is not known exactly, the reasons that trigger migraine are; stress, irregular work and nutrition, changes in the sleep-wake cycle. In addition to these individual factors, more general factors affecting body biorhythmia such as weather and seasonal change and daylight saving time can trigger migraine attacks.

Increases hot and moisture attacks

Changes in temperature, pressure and humidity levels can cause windy weather, an increase in attack frequency. High altitude lowering the oxygen level in the blood, air pollution, being in a closed environment, sudden hot-cold changes, and being in constantly air conditioned environments are among the trigger factors. The frequency of migraine attacks also increases in the summer. There is a serious increase in admissions to the hospital due to migraine in hot summer days. According to a study, every five degrees of increase in air temperature causes an average of 7.5 percent increase in the number of patients admitted to the emergency department with the complaint of headache. Also, since it is difficult to sweat in humid weather in the summer, it is difficult to cool the body. An increase in headaches can be observed due to heat stroke, weakness and excessive water loss.

Migraine recognition test

People who have frequent headaches and are wondering if this is caused by migraine may apply to a specialist by doing a “migraine recognition test” beforehand. It is recommended that those who have experienced at least two or more headaches in the past three months that affect daily work or require a doctor to do this test. Those who answer “Yes” to two or all of the following questions have 93 percent probability of having migraine.

– Did you feel discomfort or nausea in your stomach?

– Did the light bother you much more than when there was no headache?

– Did headaches restrict your work and daily activity for at least one day?

Unconscious painkillers can chronic migraine

Treatment for migraine headaches is planned as attack treatments and preventive treatments aimed at suppressing acute pain. For this reason, planning the treatments after the diagnosis of migraine is also important for the course of the disease. Treatment planning should be done by consulting an expert physician in the field. Otherwise, simple painkillers used only when there is pain can lead to the disease becoming chronic and resistant to preventive treatments.

What migraine patients should pay attention to in the summer:

1. Attention should be paid to regular sleep, a balanced diet, and steady light exercises.

2. During the summer, when the sun’s rays are coming upright, it should not be left outside too much, and hats and sunglasses should be used.

3. Sudden temperature changes should be avoided. When in a very hot environment, it should not be suddenly moved to an air conditioned, cold place.

4. It should not be in air-conditioned and closed environments for a long time.

5. Liquid consumption should be increased, cigarette and alcohol use should be avoided and tea and coffee should be avoided.

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