6 Reasons of Under Eye Darkness

Causes of Under Eye Darkness

Under eye dark circles it is a situation that bothers men and women. Under eye bruises your skin is unhealthy, neglected and to look tired will cause. Sleepless During our stay and tired days under eye dark circles it becomes more evident. At the same time, staying at the computer for long hours under eye dark circles It makes it prominent. The glances are too much to impressa is important. However, the beauty of your skin and your gaze shadow dark circles under the eyes It occurs for many reasons. Same time eye structure or senile gives under eye dark circles plays an effective role in the formation.

Causes of Under Eye Darkness

Dark circles under the eyes are genetic and environmental reasons may occur depending on the Besides excessive salt consumption, stress, tiredness and insomnia detention can also cause bruises. Specialist doctors iron deficiency anemia to dark circles under the eyes, Some liver and kidney ailments They say that it can also cause. Except those under eye bruises Some factors that can cause;


1. Under-eye bruises can often be seen in people with allergic disorders. The blood accumulating in the veins with eye and nasal discharge can increase the clarity of the veins and cause a purple appearance in the under-eye area.


2. Under-eye bruises can also be seen in people who have an unhealthy diet. When the skin cannot reach the vitamins it needs, color changes and bruises appear under the eyes.


3. Since salt causes edema in the body, it is necessary to reduce excessive salt consumption.


4. Wrinkles and sags that occur with aging can cause shadowing and dark color in the under-eye areas.


5. During menstrual periods, pale skin color is seen and there may be bruising due to this.


6. Alcohol and cigarettes can also be cited as detention causes bruising. Since smoking reduces the amount of oxygen in the blood, dark circles occur under the eyes.


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