7 important points in choosing a school

Choosing a school for families with children is a difficult and demanding process. Having some criteria may make it a little easier for you to choose …

Who want to prepare their most valuable assets for their children in the information age
It is natural for families to experience indecision regarding their choice of school.
In parallel with the rapid development of technology in the years,
growth conditions also change, naturally renewal of educational institutions
and it requires differentiation, and this is the parents who will choose special schools for their children.
may have difficulty in choosing between different educational institutions. ERA Colleges Corporate Communications Director Gülçin Aşkın Çetin made suggestions to parents to make it easier for them to choose a school.

1-School Boy Every
Directional Development:
Within this table, Z
The main criteria to be considered in the selection of schools of the generation, private school
so that his life is versatile, that is, for students to improve themselves
the multitude of opportunities created; focus, attention, mind during the learning process
executive, decision making, auditory skills, visual skills, psycho-motor
importance attached to the development of skills and social-emotional skills;
nutrition and sports suitable for the individual development of students in physical development
programs; creative thinking skills, critical thinking skills, social
development and teamwork ability, self-confidence, communication, persuasion and
There must be a social environment that will give decision making skills.

2-Technology: Our children are preparing for a technology-oriented information age.
Therefore, private schools to be selected for students
must have. Education system used, technological infrastructure, architecture
suitability for education, factors to be considered in choosing a school …

3-Foreign Language: Internationally valid methods and preparation for exams should be taken into consideration in foreign language education in the globalizing world.
subject. Cultural exchanges, travels and
A contemporary approach to life requires a good foreign language education. This,
it is one of the most important criteria.

4-Training Staff: Even though the role of the educator changes with technology, even today
education should be handled with the teacher. In this sense, when choosing an educational institution,
teacher staff should be young, dynamic and open to self-improvement
need to mention.

5-Achievable Distance:
Transportation, especially in Istanbul
in big cities, where it is not easy,
Choosing schools is also important.

6-Family Budget: When we talk about special education, each family has its own budget
It is an indisputable fact that he will choose according to That’s why college prices
we have to admit that it is an important criterion. Families, unnecessary
they may consider sacrificing spending but will not exceed their budgets
it will be useful if they act in a way.

7-Student Opinion: After all these points are reviewed, safe classes,
a delightful architecture, as an important criterion of a happy school
interest. School, especially for minors, a loving, safe home first
should be. Finally, there is another point that we would like to remind: One
Since the student’s school love affects his success,
navigate together and prioritize the school the student will love.

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