Anxiety or fear?

Anxiety and fear … These two emotions are often confused. So how do you know if you are experiencing anxiety or fear?

Wish to be anxious
and experts, although it is known to be beneficial in terms of performance,
stresses that the person should be treated in cases. To decompose these two emotions mixed together
It is also important for individuals to be aware of their spiritual processes. Üsküdar University
NPISTANBUL Hospital Expert Clinical Psychologist Aziz Görkem Çetin said, “Anxiety is uncertain and long-term.
Fear, however, has a certain source and is short-lived. Parse these two
“It is important for individuals to become aware of their spiritual processes.”

Normal level of anxiety
the processes of feeling emotion, motivation and decision making.
Stating that he had suffered,
if it is not or more than it should be,
warning that it may lead, “Anxiety, desire, motivation
and we can think of performance as a chain. If there is no anxiety, we do not want
and we have no motivation for what we want. This is our performance
adverse effects. If the anxiety is too high in the individual, the yield cannot be achieved. In this case
“It reflects negatively on performance.”

Stress negative
can trigger thoughts
Anxiety in the individual or
described as his reaction when he meets stimuli from his outside world
Cetin said that these reactions could be mental and emotional as well.
saying, “People’s past
negative-positive for their lives, upbringing styles and personalities
they have thoughts. These negative thoughts when exposed to stress
“it can be triggered.”

Social events, the event
Although it affects the witnesses and those who lost their relatives,
can cause anxiety in general. Generally traumatic
Although it is thought that the individuals who have beenhave abnormally,
The reactions given are the reactions of normal people to abnormal situations. Therefore, you should know that the situation you are exposed to is not abnormal, but you. But if anxiety
If it does not decrease, it continues increasingly and makes daily life difficult, from a specialist at this point
support is required.

Symptoms of anxiety
Mental symptoms;
includes negative thoughts and all disaster scenarios. Individual attention
has difficulty in collecting. There are situations such as thoughtfulness and forgetfulness.

Physiological symptoms; heart
acceleration, sweating, trembling, numbness, tingling, fever, muscle
tightness, rapid breathing, flushing, dizziness, headache,
Problems such as urinary incontinence and premature ejaculation can be observed.

Emotional symptoms;
feeling nervous, anxious, loss of control, excitement, helplessness,
Conditions such as pessimism, hopelessness and inadequacy are seen.

Relieve anxiety
what to do for?

  • Your social ties
    The breakout.
  • you can perform
    Take responsibilities.
  • Take care not to be alone
  • Share your troubles.
  • Relaxing and
    Turn to the activities you enjoy.
  • Realistic and positive
    Focus on thoughts.
  • Your mind and body
    Do not overdo it.
  • Escape from worries, no
    Instead of counting, face it gradually.
  • Not to failures
    focus on your achievements and the values ​​you have.
  • Realistic goals for yourself
  • The foods you consume
    be careful not to increase anxiety. For example; excess caffeine-containing foods and beverages
    Do not consume.


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