Bronze and beautiful

How dark do you like your skin color? Would you like to learn three different ways to shine with a bronze skin without having to spend a second in the sun?

Holiday tan
When our goal is to look beautiful in a bathing suit, the contribution of a bronze skin is not to be underestimated. Bronze skin is also a bloody live proof of enjoying unforgettable holidays and comfort only without thinking about anything. Although it is a short-term holiday, the beauty of a skin that reflects the sweet warmth of the sun is indisputable. Of course, there are tricks to protect a bronze skin. For example, oil-based sunscreens have the feature of breaking the tan formed in a short time. If you want your tan to stay longer, you can choose sun milk or sun creams.

• Exfoliate your body several times a week to soften and smooth your skin before going on holiday. You can also use exfoliating gloves for this, but always use them on dry skin. Apply the night before you go on holiday without going to the bathroom or shower.

• If you think tanning has dried your skin, use body cream the night before sun exposure and repeat this process every day, because chlorine and salt can disrupt the effect of body cream.

• The easiest way to tan without sun, autobacans can give your skin a nice color. You can start using it while on holiday for a darker skin. Remember that each skin has a different structure and the results will also change. For a tan that looks evenly all over your body, put a black sock on your hand and drive the autobar in a circular motion.

• If you wash your skin with cold water before using autobarzan, it does not fill your pores and create a bad image.

• After leaving the sea, shower or pool, dry slightly instead of rubbing. Scrubbing can reduce the duration of the tan.

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