Did You Know These About Lipsticks?

If you are unsure about choosing lipstick and color, we have suggestions for you. Choose the most beautiful and natural lipstick color without any make-up on your face. You should always choose two tone darker colors than your lip color in your lipstick selection. To test the shade difference, just rub the lipstick on one lip. If the color of your lip with lipstick looks like the shade of your lower lip, the lipstick is just your color.


  • If you want the lipstick to be more permanent, remove the excess lipstick with the help of a napkin after applying the lipstick.Apply another layer of lipstick again. Thanks to this application, the lipstick you applied before will increase the effect of the lipstick you applied twice.
  • You can also use matte lipsticks instead of blush. Apply your pink lipstick under your cheekbones with the help of your fingertips. You can apply blush in this way.
  • Lipsticks can break sometimes. This can make women quite upset. But don’t worry about your broken lipsticks. You can restore your lipstick. Place the broken piece into your lipstick as before. Then warm the broken place a little with the lighter. This process will allow your lipstick to stick and return to its original state.
  • Lipstick is hard to stain. You can instantly stain clothes worn after makeup, but you can easily remove lipstick stain with the help of a spray. Spray the lipstick stain area. Then put it in the machine and wash it.
  • We have to store lipsticks properly in summer. Otherwise, lipsticks may melt and deteriorate. Therefore, keep your lipsticks in the refrigerator during the summer months.
  • You can use lip liner before or after applying lipstick. However, when you use a pencil after applying lipstick, your lips will look more natural.


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