Do you follow your ex-girlfriend on social media?

Do you follow your ex-girlfriend on social media?

“Do you follow the ex-girlfriend on social media?” asked the questionnaire organized by members. Here are the results….

With the state of being online at every moment that has become a lifestyle, many of our social behaviors and habits have begun to keep up with this. We started to spend most of our time on social media. Our relationships are now established on social media, and even social media, that our stance guides our relations.
Turkey’s use of social media in Brazil, Russia, Indonesia, India and England, leaving behind in second place after the United States, the world leader on Twitter, and Foursquare also due to take place in the second row eç members “what your ex-girlfriend Do you follow what you do on social media? ” asked the question.
In the survey results, it was revealed that only 15% of the respondents follow their ex-lovers on social media.

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