How should perfume be chosen according to the skin?

What is Perfume?

Perfume, It is a combination of fragrances produced from a number of ingredients. This product, which has a pleasant smell, is from plants or from various chemicals are produced. Fragrant plants in history, medicine and ornamental It was used as.

If later beauty started to be used on behalf of. Perfume to the human body, fragrances It is produced to give. Each perfume differs according to its content. There are varieties of perfume. These, Parfüm extract, Eau parfum, Eau de toilette, Eau de cologne.

What Are The Types Of Perfumes?

Located on perfumes symbol and termsrefers to the type of perfume. The proportions found on perfume types are permanence expresses. According to these rates raid or light You can tell whether it is. The permanence of the fragrance also determines its price. Highly permanent perfumes, more high price are sold. Light perfumes whose scent flies faster is affordable.


Parfum extract : % 20 – 40 aroma

Parfum water (EdP): 10 – 30% flavor. This type of perfume has more dominant and more lasting fragrances than other perfumes. Being permanent allows it to be sold at high prices.

Eau de toilette (Edt): 5-20% flavor. This type of perfume has mild fragrances. It is less permanent than other varieties. Their prices are more affordable.

Eau Cologne (EdC): 2 – 5% flavor. It is a type of perfume with very short permanence. This type of perfume is not preferred much.

Perfume-Using Civilizations

In history first perfume use some civilizations by, but this situation is not meant to smell good. Religious belief and different lives produced and used for purpose. Civilizations using perfume in history;


  • Egyptians
  • Hintler
  • Chinese
  • Israel sons
  • Arabs
  • Greeks

The First Perfume in History

Perfume, contemporary the first time in accordance with the qualifications 1370 It was made in. The first perfume was prepared for the Hungarian queen. In the content of the perfume, essential oil, rosemary oil, and alcohol Made using. Lavender oil It is enriched with. To this smell “ Hungarian Juice ” named.


The First Industrial Perfume

Industrially made perfume FranceMade in. 16th centuryhas started to be produced and used in order to remove and shade bad odors. The perfume, which was produced and consumed in large numbers in France, was not sprayed on the body at that time. Usually, mask bad odors was used for purposes.


Apart from being used on the body, usually clothes, things, jewelry It was used by squeezing. In a way, it was used for hygiene purposes. The industrial development of the perfume was provided by France. Of france Grasse in town center of the industry has been.

What Should Be Considered When Choosing Perfume?

Choosing a perfume is not easy. From each other different scents perfumes are sometimes perfume selectionIt causes difficulties. Essences and scents reflect the person. That’s why when choosing a perfume, each person reflective scents should choose.

Still, you have to consider many issues when choosing a perfume. The most important of these is very cheap perfumes should not be chosen. Sometimes cheap perfumes sold in different places fake can be

Its ingredients are, skin damage can cause him to see. So when choosing a perfume certain shop and from brands must be selected. Perfumes sprayed on the skin, if fake, cause many skin diseases. If the type is used and sunlight if in contact with, almost to skin cancer it can even lead. That’s why of good quality and a lot not cheap You should buy perfume from places you know.

At the same time when choosing a perfume age, and ten is important. A fragrance you like for another person may not be suitable for your skin and age. That’s why your favorite fragrances First of all, you need to determine whether it suits your age and skin. If you want the permanence of fragrances for a long time, you should definitely careful you have to act.

How to Choose Perfume According to the Skin?

Perfume selection, tene should be done accordingly. Often, the perfume that we like and love in another person may not smell pleasant on our own skin. That’s why perfume is to your skin should be selected according to. Everyone is different skin type are available. For this reason, every perfume does not smell the same and does not smell pleasant on every skin. Taking this into consideration, fragrances should be chosen according to the skin type. Your skin fat ratePerfume should be chosen according to Some scents are on our skin permanent and raid some smells when smelling light and pale can smell Also fragrances personalities also determines. With each person identified with It has a scent.


  • In oily skin types, scents are more permanent and dominant. That’s why they can choose light perfumes.
  • Dry skin, on the other hand, smells less permanently. Therefore, people with dry skin may prefer more dominant scents and use perfumes more often.
  • Brunettes should choose more persistent, dominant fragrances. Oriental fragrances are ideal for brunettes.
  • Blondes should choose lighter fragrances. Usually vanilla scents are ideal for blondes.
  • Brunettes should usually choose perfumes with a spice scent. These perfume scents go well with brunettes.
  • Reds are a selection of perfumes made up of soft scents. Soft perfumes are good for reds.

How to Use Perfume?

There are issues to be considered when using perfume. If not used correctly, it can cause bad results. Perfume used to smell nice and pleasant can cause skin problems due to improper use. Therefore, care should be taken when using perfume.


When using perfume, your skin which one and clean Make sure that it is. The permanence of the perfume after the bath higher fPerfume should not be sprayed immediately after a bath. Shower gels and products you use while taking a shower can mix with your perfume and create a bad odor. Your shower products slightly scented You should choose from the products.

For the fragrance to be pleasant and permanent, it should be sprayed on the right areas. Joints and neck Perfumes sprayed on their parts are more permanent. Wrists squeezed perfumes are more permanent and traps the smell. Among the regions where perfume will be squeezed, the most popular and used behind the ear and cross chestis. Perfumes used in these areas are more permanent and more a spreading scent creates.

The same perfume should always be used. Different scents that suit your skin and that you like should also be used at regular intervals. Perfume on your clothes should not squeeze and spray it on your skin. Some scents are also on your clothes leke can leave. Perfumes off, cool and which one should be stored in places.

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