How to Propose to Dating a Guy?

When we are in love, the world revolves around a person and we want to invite that person into our world. We expect the first step from him, but somehow He does not take the first step. So why don’t we help him? If you like him too, why expect the first step from him? Even if you don’t take the first step, shouldn’t you encourage him to take the first step?

What ways should you follow to ask the man out?

1. Try to spend time together. Make eye contact when you come face to face, look into his eyes when he looks at you, and smile. Find out what he likes. Eye contact is important for shorts;)

2. Take care of your clothing and behavior to make yourself noticed. You already do this, we know. We know. Does He know that you take care of yourself for him? Of course not the clichés of “How am I today?” … Even a clasp that you think he will like can sometimes change a lot.

3. Do not wait for the invitation from the other party, you invite them somewhere. Go to your favorite director’s movie or your favorite artist’s concert together.

4. Find out what he / she expects from the other party regarding love. Likewise, tell him about your dream man. Anyway, if he is the man in your dreams, he will realize that.

5. Make him happy with you, tell stories that will make him smile, funny memories that you passed through. Let him have a good time with you. Have fun together, smile together.

6. Make him feel how wonderful he is, how happy every woman can be with someone like him, how valuable a man he is. You don’t need to make it feel to him with your conversations. Even a text message is enough after a day spent together.

7. Do not put others together. Remember, others cannot give you the happiness you deserve.

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