Is love possible in the office?

How do you look at the idea of ​​having love with your colleague? Well, do you think this will affect your career?

Others think that having a relationship with a colleague can ruin his career. In contrast, some people have a romantic relationship with a colleague that has no effect on his career.
It argues …

Love stories that started in the office … We all know, this is happening … The workplace is perhaps one of the most ideal places to meet someone. Why not?

Of course, there are many who do not look at this idea. There are those who are not willing to contact their colleague or even flirt! They think this will affect their careers negatively throughout their lives. And with their colleague, they are missing the most passionate love they could ever experience.

In the last poll of site, “Do you think of having a relationship with your colleague? Do you think this is dangerous enough to risk your career? ” she was asked.

Here are the results:
– 9% of employees do not think this is dangerous. But he thinks that love cannot be possible.
19% think that it will not be a problem to have a relationship or even fall in love.
While 23% find it incredibly harmful, it is the last thing they do in the world.
– 49% prefer to take this risk, although they think it is risky.

So you? How do you look at the idea of ​​having a relationship with your colleague?


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