It’s time to start protecting from the sun!

It’s getting warmer, it’s time to start protecting from the sun’s harmful rays!

Solait solar products, developed against sun damage
While protecting your skin against the sun with its effective formula, it
It allows you to tan. Sun
against DNA damage caused by rays and signs of premature aging
Solait Solar Products, which help protect the skin and can only be found in Watsons stores, are the effects of free radicals caused by UV rays.
enriched with Vitamin E and Aquarich® to remove it. Solait protects your skin against the signs of premature aging caused by the sun; It balances the moisture rate of your skin with its vitamin E content and 24-hour moisturizing complex. Yourself
Solait Mattifying so you can easily protect against the sun anywhere
face sun lotion high protection 30 GKF and 50 GKF special travel size
options are always with you. Prices of Solait Güneş products range from 19.90 to 44.90TL.

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