Let summer come to your room

Are you ready to adapt the room where the little boy will spend most of his time outside of his social activities during the summer?

The summer season offers you a unique opportunity to purify and refresh your child’s room, which is full of animated characters, princesses and cars. After making the decision to simplify, you can talk to your child and plan together, making it so that he can use his room comfortably throughout the summer and enjoy being inside. By looking at the colors and trends of the season, you can make radical changes or practical additions focused on textiles and accessories that will cool the hot days for your mini from childhood to childhood. It is important to look from their point of view while decorating the room where your child spends the most time in decoration as in every subject. In particular, it is necessary for its development to have an area where it can easily express its individuality and creativity. You can make selections that are suitable for the summer by visiting the stores, searching the internet together.

>> If there is no specific color he wants, choose neutral colors for the summer in the room. You can follow the sea and sand tones away from the complexity of color. The refined and simple approach has recently spread to all areas from baby rooms to teen rooms.

Ikea children’s cot 799

>> Focus on the colors, figures, interests and activities he wants to see, especially around the summer season. Do not pressure them. Your daughter may like blue more because she loves the sea.

Hanna Home Rasch brand Kids & Teens II wallpaper roll 32 Euro + VAT (5 m2)

>> Identify your child’s interests well and prepare a room to support this curiosity. If you like sea creatures and underwater, you can proceed on this theme. If you are an adventurous and highly discouraged individual, you can also research the camp concept with him.

Crocodily (Miro)

>> Play houses and tents are great places to be alone and hide, even though they have a huge room. Children often feel more peaceful and safe in tight spaces. Offer him this space where he can be alone and develop his imagination.