Magnetic Nail Polish

What is Magnetic Nail Polish?

Magnetic nail polishes are those that contain iron in them. The magnet given in the nail polish is the different nail patterns that emerge when the iron is brought closer to the nail polish and shaped.

Brands with Magnetic Nail Polish

Golden Rose

Golden Rose’a Magnetic Nail Lacquer series consists of metallic colors.



Flormar’s nail polish series named Magnetic Twist. The average price is 8 TL.



The price of Avon magnetic nail polish with different colors is 15 TL.

How to Apply Magnetic Nail Polish?

First, apply the nail polish you bought to your nail so that a thick layer is formed. Immediately after that, bring the magnet given with nail polish closer to your nail, but do not touch it. In this case, wait 5-10 seconds. Then apply the same procedure to other nails. / Special News

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