Man looking for the perfect woman

The man who seeks the perfect woman

Are men looking for the perfect woman or the perfect mother?

These jobs are actually reciprocal. If women look for the perfect man, men look for the person with beauty that everyone envied. In fact, men often look for maternity criteria in women.

It is really difficult to get along with such men. You can never be benefited. If you don’t realize that the man is like this, you may unwittingly find yourself in a race with the man’s mother. If this happens, you may feel like you are playing a role.

You never know what men measure to perfection. Even the slightest mistakes can make you feel flawed human. There is a strong desire to be “worthy” among men. That’s why you can get it on your face while trying to be worthy of it all the time.

Therefore, the most important thing is not to lose your self in the relationship.

With the wish that beauties will not leave you behind … / Dilara KARACA

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