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Nail art, one of the trends of the last period, shows itself everywhere. Nail polishes, which are indispensable for women in summer and winter, have taken their place among the trends of this year with different patterns, colors and models.

We see the care women give to hand care in their nails. You can participate in nail art fashion with both special pens, tools and special machines, which are very easy to make.


First of all, it is very important that you have completed hand care. In order for your hands to look more delicate and your nail polish to show itself better, you should first do hand and nail care.

You should remove the dead skin around your nails with a simple manicure that you can easily do yourself. Do not use the special stump stick or scissors for cuticles for this. After completing the manicure process, do not neglect to ensure the hygiene of your hands.



Fine-tipped brushes and tools are generally used when applying the nail art process. Thus, while having the opportunity to work more comfortably, you can also apply the patterns you want more easily. If you do not have nail polish pens and tools for this, you can easily do this with the tip of the wire clip and toothpicks.


Always apply a base before you start applying nail polish. Thus, it reflects the color of your nail polish better. After the base nail polish dries, you can start working on the color, pattern and model you want.

After you finish your model work, you should definitely apply a polisher as a top coat. The polisher you will apply with the last layer will make your nail polish last longer.


At the same time, to dry your nail polish, you can dry the dryer on a cold setting or soak your hands in ice water.

While the patterns you will apply are entirely up to your imagination, you can choose the models and colors that are suitable for your taste.


  • You can try this simple and spring model with different colors.


  • Although it may seem difficult, you can easily apply this model on yourself and your children. After applying the red base color, if you do not have tools, you can complete the model with the help of a wire clip or toothpick.


  • With this model, you can achieve simplicity while at the same time adding a dizzying air to your nails.


  • You can apply using thin tapes in this model, which consists of 3 colors and does not require much processing.


  • In the model that reflects the chirpy colors of spring, you can change it with different colors. You can use toothpicks and wire clasps in this very easy model.


  • It is a very favorite model for those who like asymmetric models. It is an easy and practical nail art model that can be used easily with any color. With this model, you can create new styles by combining with your sports clothes.


  • You can create a brand new style by applying different colors on each nail.

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