Natural Ways to Get Rid of Unwanted Hair

Hair growth is one of the biggest problems of women. Hair removal and radiation therapy are used for women to get rid of hair. Radiation treatments can create a harmful reaction for you, and methods such as wax are temporary solutions. So how can we get rid of unwanted hair on our body?

Here are Natural Remedies

Milkshake and Garlic Mix

Medium white onion

3 cloves of garlic

Preparation of:

Mix the grated onion juice with the grated garlic. And rub it on the hairy areas. It needs to be kept for 1 hour. With this method, your hair follicles will become thinner.

Peppermint Tea Thinks Your Hair

1 cup of mint tea you drink a day helps in reducing your hair.

Your Hair Will Be Reduced With This Mix

Medium orange peels

1 tablespoon of olive oil

1 tablespoon of lemon

Preparation of

Orange peels are passed through the robot. Olive oil and lemon juice are added and mixed. It is applied to the area where the hairs were removed and wrapped in cheesecloth and left for 1 hour. Then wash the area with lukewarm water.

Beware of!

Apply natural mixtures immediately after waxing and epilation. When you apply it to the hair areas you have removed using the “razor” method, it cannot function.

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