New issue of Elele with my baby released

The magazine of the mother and expectant mothers took place at the dealers with her baby, with her content full.

Here are some of the issues in the June-July 2015 issue.
– Summer came to pregnancy! If you take your precautions, everything will be fine this summer.
– Going on vacation with children takes care. How to choose a holiday route, what to put in a suitcase, what diseases to be prepared for; all on our holiday pages …
– Even though the babies seem to need us, they are much better than us … Breathe! It is best to correct your own breath without breaking his breath …
– We have examined the park beds, which are indispensable for the holiday with babies.
– “Summer is here, is the time for toilet training”? Or does every child determine their own time? Experts tell.
-Do not stay in the sex past because the baby came. But how?
– What do mothers who make a difference do differently?
– Mothers’ remorse … Should it be or not?
– With my baby, Elele has a present for her readers: 50 puree cards … Don’t miss out!

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