No shame in bed

If sexual liberties are lived according to the wishes of both parties, they are unlimited.


Oral sex is a pattern, a taboo that women do not really like to hear and for some reason they always see it as a shame. However, oral sex can be the beginning of an experience that they will never forget, not only for men, but also for women. Despite being so embarrassed and described as a shame, oral sex has a history as old as human history. That is why it has been depicted in many historical artifacts, including old wall reliefs and paintings. Sexual Health Institute Association (CİSED) President Cem Keçe said, “Oral sex has a history as old as humanity. “Because oral is very rich in terms of nerve endings, oral sex gives great pleasure to both the doer and the performer, and therefore is an indispensable passion for couples.” Therefore, it is necessary to stop seeing oral sex as a shame. The rumor that oral sex is a sexual anomaly or perversion is also wrong. Of course, oral sex has its own rules. Here are a few of them:
• Both parties should pay attention to their cleanliness. Thus, the idea that oral sex is disgusting disappears while bad odors do not matter.
• Taking care not to hurt or damage the teeth penis or vagina during oral sex increases pleasure.
• Fluids secreted from the vagina during oral sex are normally harmless and free from germs.

• It should not be forgotten that there is a possibility of transmitting diseases through blood from small wounds in the mouth during oral sex. Various sexually transmitted diseases and especially
It is important to remember that there is a possibility of contracting the HIV virus, too!
• The idea of ​​getting pregnant by swallowing a man’s sperm during oral sex is of course wrong.

Many women get nervous even when they hear their name. Anal sex, which is a form of sexual intercourse that can sometimes lead to the definition of let alone shame, until the divorce of marriages, is also known as the “inverse relationship” among the public and is tried to enter the breech area instead of the vagina. In fact, the most important reason for such a reaction against anal sex is the woman’s fear of suffering. Experts say that for the solution of this condition, the woman should be prepared without anal sex, and in the anus, unlike the vagina, there may be pain if not enough lubricant is used, since there is no wetness during sexual intercourse.

• The idea of ​​getting pregnant with anal sex is a wrong idea. However, if the semen gets into the vagina after intercourse (for example, after vaginal sex, vaginal sex or after ejaculation to the outside of the vagina) there is a risk of pregnancy.
• The muscle bundles, called sphincters, which are important in defecation control, are close to the anus. These muscles can be damaged when anal sex is performed very often.
• It should be remembered that many diseases including AIDS are transmitted due to anal sex. In addition, since there are many bacteria specific to the intestinal flora in the anus (anus), there may be an additional infectious disease risk if oral or vaginal sex is performed after anal sex. Therefore, attention should be paid to the use of condoms.

Although experts say masturbation is beneficial, this issue is always at the top of the list of people who are afraid to talk about. In fact, masturbation is a special way that a person uses to satisfy himself, get to know his body and make himself happy. Research shows that young people who grow up with the fact that masturbation is wrong, sin and something to be ashamed of are negatively affected by this situation. Young people who start exploring their bodies experience intense feeling of restlessness, shame, disgust, discomfort, self-pity, loneliness and regret during masturbation or after masturbation ends. Of course, this situation may cause him to experience the same things in the next life and get away from sexuality. For this reason, instead of thinking that masturbation is a shame, it will be much healthier to get to know your body, to feel good, and even to see it as an action that will make you happier by telling your partner when you discover yourself.

• Masturbation is considered harmless if it is not at a level to disrupt the person’s social life and normal sexual relations. But if you are having a relationship and your interest in your partner has decreased due to masturbation, you need to be careful.
• If masturbation is an inevitable event for you, if it has become a passion, if you prefer normal sexual intercourse or if you do not enjoy your partner and go to masturbation, then you should remember that you need help from a specialist.

Fantasy means dreams or a series of mental images imagined to meet any desires or psychological needs. Sexual fantasy is known as the name given to dreams that increase sexual enthusiasm and excitement and increase physical pleasure when applied. Especially we women are a little bit sensitive about fantasy. Although the experts say that fantasy is colorizing the sexual life, even if you set up some fantasies in yourself, you get pessimistic when it comes to the fantasies of the man in front of you. You ask why? Because you believe that what he dreams is real and if you want someone else to be you, you start to think that he does not like you, if he wants to be together, he is bored. However, experts define fantasies as healthy and beneficial unless they reach the level of exaggeration and deviation. They also point out that, especially in women and men, if there are some disruptions and problems that disrupt sexual desire and performance, establishing and practicing sexual fantasy is a form of treatment to stimulate sexual life and increase the happiness of the family.

• When should we be afraid of sexual fantasies? Some fantasies can carry sadomasochistic tendencies. In this case, sex starts from a completely emotional and romantic act and starts to contain some violent tendencies. If this harms the other person, then it is necessary to be careful.


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