Pay attention to regional lubrication!

Aesthetic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Selçuk Yüce gave information about the subject.

Fat removal with liposuction is the process of removing the fat accumulated under the skin with the help of special cannulas by applying negative pressure to the body. Fat tissues in almost every part of the body can be taken thanks to this method.

Fat cells, which are the fat reservoirs of our body, have accumulated under the skin. Although the number of fat cells does not increase with weight gain, the fat storage in the fat cell increases. Thanks to liposuction, it is possible to provide thinning by reducing the number of fat cells in the body and the fat reservoir in it. It is named with various names such as liposuction, lipoplasty, liposhaping, bodyshaping, liposculpturing. In general terms, they are all based on the same treatment principle. The purpose of liposuction surgery is to provide thinning in the targeted area without leaving any roughness.

In the liposuction surgery, I mark all the areas where the patient is disturbed in front of the mirror. Then, we take our patients under local, sedation or general anesthesia according to the area and number of marked areas. Liposuction surgery is applied in two ways, dry and wet. We inject a liquid, which we call the first specially prepared solution to the area to be applied in the wet method. In this day, we do not damage the tissues in our region, such as blood vessels, collagen fibers, and we minimize the risk of bleeding and edema and bruise. In the dry method, the oils in the region are taken directly without applying liquid to the area to be applied. I apply this method in very narrow area in case of degreasing. I often prefer to apply the wet method and I think it is healthier.

With liposuction, we can get as much as we want with the oil removal operation. The rate to be taken here is determined based on the patient’s basal mass index, laboratory blood test results. The fat removal process up to 5 liters is the normal limit, and the oil taken after 5 liters is accepted as a more risky fat removal rate. But here a person’s physical examination is very important. I have many patients with fat up to 10-12 liters and return to their normal life very quickly. The operation is not as painful as it is thought. Since the fluid I have given with the wet method is also pain reliever, local pain is less in the region for 6-8 hours. At the same time, the pain problem is solved with intravenous or oral pain relievers. After the surgery, I see a suitable one-night stay. Because in a short time, you will appreciate with serious fat from the body that some blood and fluid loss occurs. Therefore, it is appropriate to follow up electrolyte fluid in the first night.

I think it is appropriate to dress our patient with a special corset. Thanks to the corset, both bruising is reduced and skin tightening is better. Short-term postoperative complication is bruising and rarely bleeding in the area where liposuction is performed. Apart from this, the patients’ fear is the complication of electrolyte balance due to blood loss and fluid loss, and vital signs. If electrolyte and blood follow-up, which can be prevented very easily with a good follow-up, are not taken seriously, serious problems can be seen in this case, unlike snlan, it is not fat embolism, therefore patients have problems.

Fat emboli is a very rare complication that is seen 1/10000 frequently. It is a condition that goes into clinical findings such as fat particles entering the blood in the fat removal area and reaching the lung from there and not being able to breathe. Contrary to popular belief, it is a rare condition that can be prevented by early diagnosis.

The patient who undergoes oil removal operation gets up on the same day and is discharged after 1 day. After a week, they return to their social life with corset. It is appropriate to use a corset for the first week, and for the next two weeks. With liposuction, you provide regional thinning, but weight loss does not happen immediately with the weight loss 2-3. You will only notice it once a month, but you will immediately see the thinning.


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