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How about having hot nights that rival hot days this summer? We all know the classic tips about sex. But if the ingenuity is to excite your partner and make the summer nights unforgettable, you need new tips.

• Would you like to connect your partner and speed up the heartbeat? Moreover, you do not need a clamp for this. You can also tie it with a tie or scarf. In fact, our advice is to tie not only your hands, but also your eyes. When he loses his eyesight, his other senses will be much more active and he will be warned much more in your smallest movement. Just be careful, do not leave it alone when it is connected and connect it so that you can easily turn it on when needed.
• Try erotic massage as foreplay. But do not just do erotic massage to erogenous zones, on the contrary, remember that there are many hidden erogenous zones in the body. The back of the knees, the sole of the feet, and neck are just one example of these. If you use massage oil, even if you buy edible massage oils, you can include your tongue in the massage to help your hands towards the end of the massage. Or you can choose an aphrodisiac massage oil that will attract it with its scent.
• Have you ever tried to massage with your feet while saying massage? Female feet are a very sexy object for 90 percent of men. That’s why, first, take a good care of your feet and apply red nail polish, then massage your partner’s sexual areas using both feet. Of course, do not neglect to use cream or massage oil in order not to hurt.
• For an exciting fantasy, hide in a secret place at home just before coming to that house. And leave different clues to different parts of the house so that he can find you. Of course, we need not say that these tips should be sexy. You can even leave the clothes you take off piece by piece next to the tips. Thinking that you expect him to be naked somewhere in the house will make him crazy.
• Do you have sex in front of the mirror? Visuality is an important stimulus for both men and women. Seeing yourself and your partner during sex can make you feel like a porn star and reveal all the hidden fire inside you.
• It’s time to go beyond the classic in oral sex! For example, you can take a piece of ice in your mouth and try to give a blowjob to your partner. Cold will both make him numb and make him enjoy the pleasures he has never tasted before.
• Another detail… Based on the name of oral sex, don’t think of it as just a mouth. The task that falls on your hands is as important as the task that falls on your mouth. Your hands should be very active throughout oral sex. Do not neglect to apply hand massage to the area where there are testicles other than the penis. In fact, do not bypass the area between the anus called perineum and the testicles. You can apply pressure to this area with your fingers.
• Summer is the right season for Public sex fantasy. For example, you can try the sea which is one of the most risk free public sex areas. Even if you appear after all, no one can be sure of what you are doing. Of course, it may still be better to choose the night for sea fantasy. Our other advice is to be in the water that does not exceed your height and to keep it short because you will feel cold and numb if it lasts longer.
• Make a fancy box with your partner. As you can think of, write and drop fantasies into that box, either easy or to push the limits of your imagination. Declare a day of fantasy every week. Bring the fantasy you choose from that box to life together.
• Have you ever watched a porn movie with your partner? If you have not watched, you do not know what you missed. This can turn into a very stimulating experience for both of you. You can even tie his hands while watching movies to make the game even more fun. Thus, neither you can touch yourself, or even you can touch yourself to make him crazy.
• Thanks to the Internet, a thousand kinds of sex toys are now just a click away. But if you are shy away from buying these types of toys, use your creativity. Take two dice (if possible, get a large dice) Choose six body regions (eyes, hips, breasts, lips …) and write these words on the six faces of one of the dice. Choose six actions for the other dice (kiss, lick, tickle). Write them on the six sides of that dice. Create your own erotic game by taking the action of rolling dice in turn with your partner.

Aphrodisiac massage oil

100 ml almond oil
6 drops of rose oil
6 drops of lavender oil
6 drops of coriander oil
Half vanilla stick

Preparation of
Put all of the ingredients in a dark glass bottle, mixing thoroughly. Then put the vanilla stick in the bottle as a whole. Leave the mixture to rest for 48 hours in a dark place.

Porn issue
You cannot find a good material from porn to improve yourself in sex. Especially the way to be indispensable in oral sex is definitely a good porn viewer.
You may think you know why you like sex. But while watching different types of porn, you can discover new things that will excite you.

How much do you know what your partner likes in sex? If you are afraid to ask different fantasies, say that you want to watch porn with it. The porn movie he will choose will give you a hint about his fantasies that he cannot tell.

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