Rose gold and diamond meeting Trend Fashion news

Rose gold and diamond meeting

Designs that combine pink gold with diamond from Mercan Ziya Göral …

The jewelery decorated with diamond stones that Mercan Ziya Göral has offered for sale as part of the 2015 Fall / Winter collection, makes its mark on the season with its striking designs and eye-catching glow.
Combining quality, designs that capture the latest fashion trends and personalized service understanding with fine hand workmanship, Mercan Ziya Göral’s 18-carat rose gold collection with diamond stones will add a unique sparkle and elegance to your clothes with its fully handmade, elegant and modern designs.
Among the designs of the brand, which prefers precious stones such as diamond, diamond, ruby, and sapphire together with gold in its designs, combines diamond and pink gold, with its spiral cuts and earrings, earrings, necklaces and ring models that have a brilliant appearance. Despite their large designs, these models facilitate use thanks to their lightness.

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