The Hard Truths of Virtual Dating

People spend the most of their time on social networks, so it shouldn’t be surprising that they find people to flirt with on these networks. Virtual flings, which we call online, have increased, however, some facts have emerged. Research shows this that most of the flings done on virtual networks end without seeing each other.

According to Statistics;

According to the researches of Michigan State University, the rate of divorce of couples who meet and get married in a virtual environment is 3 times than those who meet and get married face to face.

People who are members of virtual dating sites 1 out of 3 share false information on their profile.

Those who decide to meet and date on online dating sites 1 in 3 doesn’t go on a date.

We live in the Internet age. These sites are more like dating programs every day. However, despite these, it is still not considered safe. For this “Pay Attention To These While Flirting Virtual “ You can learn in detail how to behave about this subject by reading the article published on our website. However, let us remind you briefly;

Beware of!


When you go to the meeting, let someone know.

– Do not agree to meet at anyone’s home.

– Do not leave your beverage at the table.

-Be careful to meet in crowded places.

– When you feel uncomfortable, leave the environment.

Trust is not that easy to gain. When you really trust you cannot love someone called a lap you will love. In the environment you go to, you will soon learn about the person you are talking to with their body language. We can say that the virtual environment does not give people confidence, you can easily be fooled here. For him, it’s best to seek love in real life.

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