The most common dietary mistakes

While on a diet; Mistakes such as hungry for a long time, not eating any bread, eating uniformly, consuming from light products can cause different health problems.

Quickly before going on vacation
The desire to lose weight can bring wrong diet practices.
The metabolism of each individual, not with hearsay information,
Since it is different, it has to be personal. Stay hungry for a long time or single
trying to lose weight faster by eating type can cause different health problems
be able to. Dyt from Memorial Service Hospital Nutrition and Diet Department. Sinem
Appropriate gave information about the most common dietary errors.

1- Being hungry for a long time
To lose weight fast
skipping meals or staying hungry for a long time are the main mistakes.
The metabolism activated after meals to digest nutrients
waste energy. Not eating at all or having 1-2 meals a day
slows down metabolism. This mistake made to lose weight fast is full
the opposite effect prevents the person from losing weight. Instead of skipping meals,
changing preferred foods helps weight loss
It should be remembered.

2- Nutrition
Bread and carbohydrates
excessive consumption of foods containing is not recommended in diets. But the bread
completely removing it from the diet can have negative consequences. the nutrition
the place of the bread taken, differently, such as pasta and bulgur
It can take carbohydrate groups. With bread, all carbohydrates
removing it from the diet brings with it the risk of muscle loss.
It is the consumption rate of bread or other carbohydrates to be considered.

3- He will pay
drink water a little
Water consumption pays off
Contrary to the belief that the required amount of water consumption causes edema in the body.
hampers. Water required for the work of digestive enzymes
not being consumed enough, both digestive system and metabolism
slows. Daily water consumption is less than necessary, tea or coffee
excessive consumption, making the body dehydrated, slowing metabolism and
It is one of the factors that cause bloating.

4- Fruit as sugary
to eat
Fruits in excess
they contain sugar, but they are consumed by portion control during the day
provides carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals to be taken. However,
accelerates the metabolism since the antioxidant amounts of the fruits are high
and it protects against diseases. During the day at the snack or main
Consuming it immediately after the meal does not cause weight gain. Late night
Eating too much fruit during hours or during the day causes weight gain.
it should be kept in mind.

5- Only vegetables and fruits
trying to lose weight by eating
Enough animal
Diets continued without consuming protein, protein structure such as insulin
it may cause the hormones and enzymes to not be produced enough or to work.
Vegetable protein from vegetables and fruits and animal food
protein does not benefit the body in the same way. Rich in vegetables and fruits
a nutrition plan should be implemented by consuming other food groups.

6- To lose weight quickly
to be fed uniformly
Vegetables and fruits only
How wrong it is to try to lose weight by consuming it is based on protein
the nutritional program is equally inconvenient. All types of diets are one
It causes loss of vitamins, minerals and muscles. More than enough
the protein taken leaves acid residues in the body and withdraws calcium from the bones,
causes burden on the kidneys and disruption of the intestinal flora. This
Even though weight loss is achieved in a short time at the beginning,
After a while, weight loss stops.

7- He will not lose weight
to consume light products frequently
In all foods consumed
Just as there are light products also have calories. Calories of light products
consuming less than other foods, but paying attention to the amount
can gain weight. Carbs for consuming whole wheat bread instead of white bread
It should be remembered that it causes intake. Blood is the only benefit of consuming whole wheat bread
sugar rises more slowly and extra fiber intake.

8- Fat burner
to overdo the consumption of lemon
No food alone
It should be known that it does not provide fat burning. Vinegar or lemon water consumption is also the only
does not provide fat burning on its own. Alkaline value of lemon or vinegar waters
it is high and can speed up the metabolism, albeit a little. Aromatically
drinking lemon or vinegar water, which is easier to drink, for a long time, stomach
can lead to problems. Instead of consuming lemon and vinegar with water,
adding it is a more accurate choice.

9- No fat in meals
The cell membrane and
Most of the hormones are made up of fat. Of cells and hence
Quality fats in nutrition are essential for proper functioning of body functions.
It must be found. Eating fat-free, not consuming enough fat, improves metabolism
It is one of the reasons that slow it down and make it difficult to lose weight. Salads without oil
consuming it will prevent the absorption of fat-soluble (A, D, E, K) vitamins.
Reduces vitamin mineral intake while dieting. Essential oils for the body
Oil seeds such as walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds should be consumed to obtain.
However, consuming the fats as much as needed also includes the duration of satiety.
It extends.


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