The new issue of Elele with my baby is out! Baby Baby news

The magazine of the mother and expectant mothers took place at the dealers with her baby, with her content full.

Here are some of the issues in the April-May 2015 issue.

• After your baby is born, you can happily waive many things. However, if it is sleep, it is not possible to give up. For your own body – and of course your mental health – and for your little baby to sleep well, you need to focus on sleep early and extra. So what can you do? All suggestions are in hand with my baby …
• Did you know that baby nutrition starts from three months before pregnancy? Dr. Ender Saraç wrote the right and wrongs of baby and child nutrition and shared very special recipes.
• The rules for raising children in mental health are changing. No more hard no, no reward for good behavior, no punishment for wrong behavior. Instead, you have to be clear at the boundaries you will set, calmly explain the reasons for it and show the truth after every ‘no’ reaction. It takes a little bit of effort, but it’s worth it to raise kids with confidence.
• A baby should never be seen as the savior of a marriage … Do you have a good enough husband and wife relationship, or will the weakening relationship break away from the baby when it comes? This is a very important detail … Experts tell you not to step into motherhood without being sure of your relationship.
• Growing a new life within a woman requires great responsibility and of course sensitivity. However, instead of spending these special months of your life burdened with worries, it is beneficial to stay peaceful by following the right information. Remember, your baby feels all your worries.
• Oh that sensitive subject, sexuality! When children start asking questions, they begin to lean forward, laugh under the mustache. And if it entered your room in an unexpected moment, wow! Instead of these funny landscapes, how would you like to give her age-appropriate answers and keep the door of your room locked when necessary?
• What is your horoscope? So do you know the features of the mother of this sign? Read the analysis of the astrologer Nesrin Özturna, get to know your motherhood style better.
• Babies sometimes have to manage on their mother’s arms instead of their mothers’ arms … We have examined the models of the mother’s arms that will make them feel the most comfortable, peaceful and safe.
• There is also a gift for the readers of Elele with my baby: 50 puree cards … Don’t miss!

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