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We asked the experts what you wondered about your baby.

Question: I want to stop breastfeeding my two year old daughter. How can I do this job without making him cry?
Reply: “Be sure to make your decision to wean your baby with your pediatrician. When you wean your baby, make sure you do this during your life routine; that is, it is not appropriate to cut it without breastfeeding, such as having a disease, sibling, travel. If it is not ready, a more suitable time can be chosen. It may be more appropriate to give up gradually instead of a definitive philosophy like all or nothing. In other words, you may need to take steps back in time. rewarding may also be required. “
Memorial Ataşehir Hospital Department of Child Health and Diseases Uzm. Dr. View Erdem’s Full Profile

Question: My daughter’s teeth rot as soon as her teeth were removed. What could be the reason, what can we do to prevent their new teeth from rotting?
Reply: “Mothers need to clean their babies’ palate with a clean cheesecloth after each breastfeeding, even if their teeth are not removed. Although breast milk is thought to be protective, this is unlikely in oral and dental health. Some children are susceptible to caries. We call it early childhood bruises. Breast milk and supplementary foods, which are necessary for feeding in children, can also cause caries. In this way, the mother who has a complaint should learn the necessary information to appear as a pedodontist, that is, to the pediatric dentist as soon as possible, to be diagnosed and prevented. “
Medical Park Göztepe Hospital Complex Pedodontics Specialist Dt. Gülden Çıralı

Question: My baby has a lot of gas, I think colic. Whatever I do, I can’t calm him down and I can’t get his gas out. Should I use medication for this?
Reply: Of course, there are drugs used for colic. However, first of all, it is necessary to make sure that the problem is colic. For this, it is better to examine your baby by a specialist physician, evaluate the nutritional status and, if necessary, perform some tests.
Acıbadem Etiler Medical Center Department of Child Health and Diseases Uzm. Dr. Anil Yesildal

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