This Summer Be Natural with You


The dark eye make-up of the brides, the foundation applied in molds are now off the shelves. It leaves its place to more natural and natural tones.

Even heavy TV series and film make-up, which are preferred due to intense lights, are now being replaced by natural and light make-up. We have compiled natural make-up tips that you can use in daily life, graduation and wedding.


Now is the time to remove all the darker shades we use in winter and make us look older in age. Now, make-up in more natural tones is preferred by world famous make-up artists.

Pink and peach blush, mascara and light pastel shades of lipsticks are preferred for natural tones. Lip color lipsticks and lip pencils make lips look fuller and more natural.


No more trace of those thin bow-like eyebrows. Naturalness is now also with us in our eyebrows. You can bring your beauty to the forefront with the thick and natural state of our eyebrows, which are the frame of the face. Thin eyebrows will make you look older than you are, but will only give your face a harder expression.


While leaving your eyebrows too thick and messy will make you look less maintenance-free, do not neglect to comb your eyebrows with an eyebrow brush and fill in the gaps with eyebrow shadow or eyebrow pencil to get a more uniform look. Thus, you will have more vigorous and fuller eyebrows.

Let your skin shine

The use of intense powder and matte foundation is now shelved. Bright skin will make you look younger and more dynamic. Powders applied in matte and layer form give a fake expression and with the 2015 season, bright skin will be the new trend.


If you want to reflect the warmth of the summer season on your skin, you should use peach and pink tones. Thus, it will gain a younger appearance and at the same time it will have a flawless naturalness with your bronze skin.



Make room for red lipsticks in Marilyn Monroe red, which you can easily use in your night make-up to balance the brightness of your skin. It looks like he will not leave the red championship to anyone who has dominated many areas. When you combine your simple and natural make-up that you will use in summer evenings with red lipstick, you will have a perfect look.

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