This summer, the hair is at the sand temperature

This summer, hair colors and scattered braids will mark the hair fashion in earthy tones…

This summer, naturalness
in the foreground braids, scattered gathered hair, earth colors and shimmer
Messy hair that is inconspicuous and made with coffees and gives a much more attractive air
will attract attention.

Sand effect on hair
Providing information about hairstyles and colors this summer, Mos Nişantaşı Hair Design Specialist Erkan Uzelli, ‘This year we will see colors in the sand temperature.
We add chocolate coffees, cinnamon colors, coppers, dark hair
a summer where we will see honey colors, omelets and sand temperature in hair
waiting. Braids are a must. Messy and fresh-looking hair is always more attractive to women
is showing. Especially in summer evenings at beach invitations; shabby and between them
It should not be forgotten that the hair gathered with braids is the trend of this summer. ”
must use their products. Coarse wavy hair that evokes water should be preferred. ”

Our hair deserves care just like our skin
Hair needs more care when it comes to summer. The high temperature, sea salt, pool chlorine and showers taken daily to cool off, even wear the hair unintentionally. How is our skin in summer
if we protect from the sun, we also need to protect our hair from the sun. In this sense, pre-sun and post-sun care shampoos with a quality content and
It is important to use their creams.


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