Unconscious sports can cause hernia

Causes such as doing sports without warming, lifting heavy can trigger hernia …

In the groin and belly area
hernias caused by weakness of tissues, with pain and difficulty in movement
can show itself. Such as heavy lifting, sit-ups or pull-ups without warming up
if the hernias that can be triggered for reasons are not treated, contact other organs.
damage can occur. Memorial Antalya Hospital General Surgery Department Op. Dr.
Tolgay Akın gave information about hernia and treatment methods.

Take a lot of hernia
why can
% Of abdominal wall hernias
90 of them constitute inguinal hernias. Hernia, the tissues in that area
due to weakness and entering or leaving the area from time to time or fixed
It is a discomfort that manifests itself with swelling that can be found and felt. This
The swelling occurs intermittently with the strain and disappears. Inguinal hernia
While it is 7 times more common in men than in women, it also affects the hernia
it is more common in women. Abdominal region hernias; groin, belly and
patients who underwent surgery, like the intestine,
It occurs when the abdominal organs come out. Hernia, swelling
It manifests itself with pain and discomfort in that area. No
the abdomen together with the examination so that hernias that do not show symptoms can be diagnosed
Imaging methods are used in the region.

hernias can damage other organs
Untreated abdomen
The most inevitable risk of hernia region hernias is that the hernia suddenly gets stuck in that area.
If the intestines are squeezed in the region where the hernia occurs, this situation is
it is dangerous and requires urgent surgery. Unoperated
hernias can damage other organs. The organs inside are weak
the organ, because it is stuck out of the regions and cannot enter
nutrition is impaired. This can cause organs to gangrene.
Normally a hernia surgery that can be done with very simple methods, it’s too late
it can become difficult in hernias.

Who is more common in hernia;

  • Those who do heavy work
  • Cough, such as bronchitis, asthma
    in chronic patients that cause
  • Those who do heavy sports
  • Complaint of constipation that does not pass
    in which
  • Those with prostate

How is hernia surgery performed?
Seen in childhood
while umbilical hernias can close on their own,
The only treatment for all hernias is surgery. Hernia occurring in the abdominal wall
Since the operation is performed with closed method through 3 holes smaller than 1 cm, the patient
the pain is very little. Operation time in unilateral groin hernias 30 minutes
While double-sided hernias, surgery takes a maximum of 45 minutes. Patient
He is discharged the next day and can easily return to his daily life.

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