We asked men: Which do you think is the most ‘incomprehensible’ behavior of women?

According to us, everything we do has very reasonable explanations. It may just not always be understood from the outside. This is the reason why Freud asked the known ‘what do women want?’ Question. We wondered and asked the men. Let’s see what behaviors spark in the circuits of the opposite sex!

Sometimes my girlfriend praises the beautifulness of a woman we see very comfortably around and encourages me to comment. But everything that comes out of my mouth can be the subject of debate on a progressive day. Actually, this is a test, but it runs so naturally; I really don’t understand what and why.
Burak Sergün, 29 years old / Engineer

It seems very incomprehensible to me that women are always dissatisfied with themselves. Even in the woman with the most beautiful or successful career I have ever met, there is a constant reproach. They always think better to judge themselves. It is not possible to understand this dissatisfaction. As if they are punishing themselves…
Selim Demirci, 33 years old / Sales Representative

Why do they always diet or need a diet, I really do not understand. I understand what they need to diet for their health and have excess weight, but it is meaningless for women who already seem to be healthy and normal to spend their lives on diet. Not everyone should have the same weight, same body size. Why don’t women accept this?
Ekrem Karaca, 30 years old / Copywriter

I guess there is no other creature that moves away when you wait for attention and compassion and see this interest and compassion. Women are creatures with more sensitive and delicate feelings than men, so they like thoughtful ideas. And if they don’t spoil …
Mithat Can, 26 years old / Computer Specialist

Especially on social media, I see the following: They share a photo of them that they look extremely beautiful, and when their friends comment “You are very beautiful”, they give reactions like “I am so hurt, I got so bad”. I think some women do this so that they are more emphasized that they are beautiful and I cannot understand why they need it even though they are sure of their beauty.
Sedat Kurt, 37 years old / Lawyer

I find their ambition to recover the relationship that doesn’t work very meaningless. A girlfriend I have known since childhood, for example, took care of all her problems from her lover’s alcohol problem to her career as if she were in trouble to get her relationship on track. As a result, nothing improved, and the problems with each other got bigger. Love shouldn’t prevent being realistic. In a picture like this, it seems very pointless to me that they insist so much when disaster self-heralds.
Ufuk Karadeniz, 31 years old / Marketing Specialist

Most women live by taking the standards imposed from the outside as a criterion. How and why do they keep up with it? They set their ideals accordingly in many fields such as love, marriage, shopping, career, and this results in unhappiness for most women. It is really pointless for them to do this injustice.
Ahmet Gençsoy, 28 years old / Banker

Of course their jealousy! Moreover, it is not the envy of the man in his life other women in the business or social environment; Envy of their mothers’ sisters and sisters … Whenever my ex-girlfriend attended family meals and programmed with my sisters, she would always have problems. Even though I think that I have the ambition to be the only important woman in my life nowadays, I still cannot make sense. Why would women include sisters and their spouses’ mothers and sisters in their relationships as a problem factor? Are there no more people on earth?
Bülent Sarıdağ, 34 years old / Sports Instructor

Why is it that clothing is such a priority in women’s life? I think I had to come into the world as a woman to understand this. I have girlfriends who constantly think about what environment to wear in a weekly schedule, from a business meeting to a weekend picnic. Yes, it is important for all of us to dress well and to look neat. But what does it take to be so formalistic even when going to a picnic?
Çağatay Güler, 29 years old / Designer

It is not really possible to understand shopping behavior. Even when buying a classic white shirt on the bottom, they show you dozens of models and ask, “Is this beautiful, is this beautiful?”
Ali Keskin, 30 years old / Manager

We men do not filter our other fellows in the place we are in and do not comment on their clothes, hair or beard shaving for minutes, because we do not notice. But women’s radars are always on! They can not stop without making a good or bad comment about another woman they saw while entering the cinema, leaving the parking lot, crossing the street. The underlying psychological reason is an amazing thing anyway. I think it is pointless to consume breath by talking about a stranger you will never meet again.
Sedat Ali, 28 years old / Instructor

The thing I don’t understand most in women is hair obsession. I find it absurd for them to constantly play with their hair. Long conversations about their fellows with their hair.
Arda Çelikkol, 35 years old / Graphic artist

Some women are really fond of money! It seems like there is nothing they can not do for all their lives. Unfortunately, my ex-girlfriend was like that and was very comfortable spending money. I realized that after paying my credit card debts several times, I could not spend many years with him. Over time, I cooled down and left.
Can Özdemir, 24 years old / Student

Megaloman women, I think it’s a problem. I cannot make sense of the actions of people who constantly praise themselves, appreciate every behavior, view others who are smaller than themselves, and do not walk around with me!
Burak Serhan, 35 years old / Designer

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