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Spouses mostly have problems with “home” and “child” issues …

Among the issues that make up many problems between Turkey throughout the spouses ” home ” and ” kids ” it was stated that the related responsibilities.

Ministry of Family and Social Policies, ” Advanced Statistical Analysis of Family Structure Research in Turkey Araştırması- 2013 ‘prepared.

First in 2006, the research carried out in the latter 2011, the family structure in Turkey, was held values ​​regarding family life and way of life of individuals in the family environment in order to determine their jurisdiction. These two studies were compared with the last study prepared by the Ministry.

According to this study report, the number of people living in households in Turkey was determined to be 3.6 per person. The regions with the highest household size were determined as Southeast Anatolia, Middle East Anatolia and Northeast Anatolia.

70 percent of households across the country from nuclear families, 18 percent of dispersed families, while 12 percent of determining which consists of an extended family, sit in the apartment appeared to nearly half of the households in Turkey.

According to the report, 26 percent of renter households in Turkey, while in 61 percent of the estate of one of the family members. While the province with the highest rate of second housing use is Istanbul, the rate of those living in residences such as summer house, village house and highland house is 20 percent.

The most common issue size of Turkey in general, with 43 percent of type 2 + 1 dwellings. More than half of families with children do not provide special rooms for children. While the most commonly used floor in the residences is concrete, in some provinces, there are differences in the preferences of the residential floor.

Half of the households in Turkey wood / coal stove heats up with. This rate rises up to 83 percent in the countryside. In households in the city, natural gas boiler / boiler is used as the most common method of warming by 31 percent.

Getting married between the ages of 18-29 at most
In the research, questions were also asked to understand the economic situation of individuals and households. Almost all households have refrigerators (98 percent), washing machines (94 percent), mobile phones (91 percent), televisions (89 percent) and irons (89 percent).

Garbage disposal (2 percent), tumble dryer (4 percent) and home sports equipment (5 percent) are among the lowest-owned items.

According to research, the majority of marriages in Turkey (87 percent) occurs between 18-29 years of age. It was determined that 57 percent of the individuals who married were doing their first marriage between the ages of 18-24.

families in Turkey (39 percent) and neighbors, neighborhoods (39 percent) around the acquainted marriage rate is quite high. As the education level and socio-economic level increase, the rate of those who get married by meeting friends and business school circle increases.

While the arranged marriage takes place at a rate of 51 percent, 10 percent of those who are married in this way are married by the decision of the family without the opinion of the family. The region where this rate is highest is Eastern Black Sea.

It was determined that almost all of the marriages were made both official and imam. Only the official rate of those married or religious marriages only low in Turkey. The most common ceremonies are “wedding” with 89 percent and “cutting / asking for girls.”

As a reason for divorce, the reasons for “acting irresponsible and irrelevant” come to the fore.

Grandmothers take care of children at 4 percent
One of the topics examined in detail in the research is family relations. It is seen that household members frequently meet at a high rate on weekends (80 percent) and dinner (81 percent).

When the activities done by household members are examined together, watching television together (60 percent) comes first. The majority of the family members (78 percent) stated that they did not go to the cinema / theater together, 61 percent stated that they did not go on holiday together.

According to the data about who is doing the work at home, it is seen that women do a high percentage of jobs such as cooking, washing and washing dishes, ironing and sewing.

In households with children in the 0-5 age group, it is seen that the mother is responsible for taking care of the little child during the day. Such as a low rate of 4 percent in Turkey, the proportion of children cared for by her grandmother who, scattered families and going out in the highest socio-economic groups in the top 15 percent. Turkey is the babysitter rate of 1 percent in the general comes out on top 10 percent in this society.

Percentage of households with disabled people in need of care in Turkey 5 percent, while the proportion of patients in need of care have been identified as 8 percent.

The proportion of patients in need of care was 15% in Northeast Anatolia, 11% in Southeast Anatolia and 11% in East Black Sea, while the proportion of patients in need of care reached 22% in extended families.

” Spouses’ relationships are good in everything ”
According to the research, mother-woman has a more dominant role in making many family decisions. According to the data obtained regarding the family decision-making process, 50 percent or more family members make decisions together.

While family members stated that their relationships with their spouses are good in almost all matters, it was stated that the most problematic issues with various frequencies were responsibilities related to “home” and “children”.

The least problematic issues were “gambling habit”, “difference of religious views”, “sexuality” and “political opinion”.

He revealed that when there is disagreement between individuals and the issue of this disagreement cannot be resolved by talking to individuals, 65 percent increase the voice of the man to his wife and 55 percent of the women react by keeping quiet.

The rate related to physical violence against the spouses of men was determined as 5 percent. As the socio-economic level decreases, the proportion of women who are exposed to violence increases.

62 percent of married individuals do not think of getting help from anyone when they have a significant problem with their spouse, while 23 percent say that they will receive this help from their family elders.

The first choice for those who cannot have children naturally is “adoption”
In Turkey, most individuals with two children (35 percent) were identified as high rate. 38 percent of individuals want to have two children, 32 percent of them want to have three children if their conditions are suitable. 71 percent state that they do not have a preference for the gender of the child they want to have.

Only 0.4 percent of individuals are adopting. On the other hand, the proportion of those who think that individuals can be adopted when the child does not have a natural method is 83 percent. Following this rate, the baby is the second with 78 percent and the foster family method with the 77 percent. 16 percent of individuals regard the idea of ​​”applying to a sperm bank or an egg bank” positively.

Families ” happy ”
According to the other information in the report, there is a problem between the parents and their children on the issues of “spending and consumption habits”, “choosing a friend”, “dressing style”.

Most individuals are negative about having a marriage together and having children out of wedlock. It is generally accepted in the society that women work in a paid job. 18 percent of individuals think that their families are “very happy” and 59 percent think “happy”. The rate of those who state that their families are unhappy is only 3 percent.

Individuals obtain religious information mostly from families and relatives. While the most decisive subject of religion is the choice of spouse, the least determinant is the choice of job.

97 percent of people visit relatives, friends and relatives with the purpose of “condolences” and “feasting on religious holidays”. The gifts are given to relatives mostly during the “patient visit” and “when they go to see the baby”. With the study, it was seen that giving gifts at the “New Year’s Day” and “Valentine’s Day” in society has not become widespread yet.

Turkey, 41 percent and 30 percent of the book does not read any newspapers across individuals. The rate of those who never go to cinema and theater is 70 percent. 65 percent of individuals do not do sports at all.

While 43 percent of the individuals smoke, 81 percent say they never use alcohol. People mostly spend their holidays resting where they are.


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