Why Do Women Betray? Psychologists Explained …

In the past, cheating was perceived as an almost male tendency. However, nowadays, cheating on spouse has started to stand out as a situation that occurs frequently among women. So why do women cheat on their wives?

Colorado University psychologists argued that women did not deceive their wives for no reason. In other words, the underlying reason for betraying women is their spouses’ mistakes. Here are the root causes of female betrayal:

1. American psychologists state that there are many reasons underlying the betrayal of women and explain the first reason as the feeling of revenge. Women who are despised and ignored by their husbands seek revenge by betraying them.


2. Some women, on the other hand, use this method because they are married at a very young age and seek different sexual adventures. That’s why women who marry at a young age cheat more.

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3. Some women turn to other men because they find the life they live boring. This occurs in women who do not have any more financial problems.


4. Emotional women are also close to betrayal, because most of these women are unable to marry the men of their dreams, and after some point continue their search for the ‘prince on a white horse’.


5. Women who are subjected to violence by their spouses are more prone to betrayal because it is impossible for them to have a happy sex life with someone who does not respect themselves and hurts. In this situation, women start looking for a kind, caring and loving man.


6. Another important factor that drives women to betrayal is love. If a married woman feels love for someone other than her husband, betrayal can happen sooner or later.


7. Sexuality also has an important effect on female betrayal. Betrayal already occurs through sexual contact. Women who have impotence problems tend to turn to different men.

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