Women can also transplant hair

The newly developed shaving technique DHI offers an alternative for women who want to transplant hair.

A few years
hair loss seen before men 60 percent and women 40 percent
rate is now reversed. So now 60 percent of women
40 percent of men have shedding problems. This condition restores your hair
to find women who want to earn more permanent solutions.
Pushing. The newly developed shaving technique DHI enables hair transplantation, which has not been seen as a solution for women until now.

hairnev Hair Transplant Clinic DHI method of planting applied in Turkey unshaven, hair
It ends the nightmare of those who want to have their hair transplanted and serious hair
It also provides a very good option for women experiencing shedding. DHI method, the closest result to natural hair
giving, low risk of scarring, hair density more often, high recovery rate, most
It is also preferred as a new hair transplantation technique.

DHI method gives the opportunity to get the closest result to natural hair. In DHI technique, the hair is not shaved, and no incision is made to the areas to be transplanted, and the hair follicles are planted directly with the help of a special pencil. In this technique, where the transplantation is done individually, grafts can be placed one after the other thanks to special needles. So hair density can be more frequent. By means of a very thin needle, hair transplantation is performed by creating round natural channels in accordance with the natural exit angle of the hair. The DHI technique, which gives the opportunity to plant hair at different angles depending on the growth angle of the hair and offers a more natural appearance when applied to sensitive areas such as the hair line, provides much more successful results. It is a longer process than conventional methods, but the healing process takes less time since no incision is made.

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